JP Jones


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James (JP) Jones 

Short Bio

Gege, Mr. Jones Daughter, remembers that her father, was very out spoken to point of intimidation.  Either you liked him or you did not for his firm belief that no matter who you are everyone should be treated fairly and have opportunities.        

Gege said the P in his name stood for “persistent, persevered, and pro-willed.”  He was a good man. Very strong in believing that everyone is entitled to get what they deserve; people of color, women, whatever.  He had a strong voice, maybe not always articulate but he commanded

JP Jones was in the labor union and construction work brought him to Fairbanks in 1952. In the late 60s and early 70s he ventured out on his own as an entrepreneur.  He owned a convenient store, residential property, and Jones Ice Factory, which his daughter, Geneva Genice (Gege) Jones, owned for a period of time.   He was very involved in the advancement of his community as a past president of National Association of Advancement for Color People (NAACP) in the 70s early 80s.  

Mr. Jones mother was a home-maker.   Their family overcame many obstacles including death threats, and a stick of dynamite found by his mother on their door step.  There were people that didn’t appreciate what he was trying to do for himself or others.  When Mr. Jones had his own family, he made sure that his kids never went without.   

The community center, formerly called Fairbanks Southside Community Center, was renamed after JP Jones one week before he died.  The day he was to be honored for NAACP involvement, November 2, 2002 he died that morning.  But was aware of his award and very excited.  Mr. Jones was born March 21, 1912 in Houston Texas and died at the age of 90.